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The premier also warned that governments a??t all levels needed to tighten their belts and commit??ted the central government to negative growth in budg??etary spending this year. Li said that as well as co??ntinuing to promote consumption, the main driver f0

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or ??economic growth in 2019, 3.75 trillion yuan of specia??l l3

ocal government bonds would be issued with priorit??y given to new infrastructure and new urbanization pr??ojects. He added that investment would be focused on?? three areas: New infrastructure, including expanded ??5G application and wider use of new energy vehicles; ?d

?renovation of 39,000 old urban residenH

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tial communitie??s; and development of major transportatZ

ion and water ??conservancy projects. Military spending is set to ri??se by 6.6 percent in 2020, separately issued budget f??igures suggested, the lowest defense budget growth ra??te in recent years. 'Immense tasks' ahead Li thank??ed people from all walks of life for 5

their support in?? the fight against COQ

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VID-19, highlighting the roles o??f medical workers, scientistsN

, community workers, off??icials, police officers, deliverymen and women, media?? personnel and volunteers. He outlined the containme??nt measures adopted by China, including treating COVI??D-19 as a Class A infectious disease and activating a?? Level One public health g

emergency response in all lo??calities,A

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    but warned the pandemic has not yet come to?? an end and the country faces immense tasks in promot??ing development. The premier set out measures to im??prove the public health s4

    ystem, including the reform ??of the system for disease prevention and control, imp??rovement of mechanisms for direct reporting aU

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    nd early?? warning of infectious diseases. He also committed t??o increasing funding for research and development of ??vaccines, medicines and rapid testing technologies. ??China rC

    emains committed to fulfilling targets to buil??d a moderately prosperous society in all respects des??pite the fallout from the9

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    COVID-19 pandemic, Li reite??rated.BEIJING, Jan. 13 -- President Xi Jinping on Monday e??xtended his Spring Festival greetings to military v??eterans and retired officers. ChinesH

    e President Xi?? Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist P??arty of China Central Committee and chairman of the?? Cent9

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deficit would i??ncrease by one trilliono yuan on 2019 and a further on??e trilliG on yuan in government bonds would be issX ued t??o fund COVID-19 control measures.i The two trillion y??uan will be transfeD rred directly to local governments?? andc
    used to support j0
    obs, businesses and ba4
    sic livin??g requirements, including "giC ving support to cut taxe??s and fees, req duce rents and interest on loans1 , and i??ncrease consumption and investment." Anx urban unemplo??yment rate target of aroH und six percent has been set ??for 2020.e